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Daily Links 4/23

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Herald   Paul Pierce showing patience       
Big news: Brian Scalabrine cleared to play        
No changes to Kevin Garnett’s status      
Globe   Chicago has long history of courtship     
For Bulls, a new deal    
Scalabrine heads back to court      
Points not well taken     
Magic pull off escape     
Is Rondo an elite point guard?      
Some points after games 1 and 2       
Reebok's Rondo campaign wins award       

MetroWest Daily   Scalabrine brings balance to C's 'D'      
CelticsBlog    Sam Smith:  Is Paul Pierce hurt?    
Overrated Bulls home court advantage?     
Blog assists 4/23     
Don't expect much more Tony Allen      
LOY's Place    Random thoughts before game 3    
Flash lose despite double double from Giddens     Game preview:  Celtics at Bulls game 3    
All hands on deck, Celtics search for front court help      
Red's Army   The Truth will be heard    
Perkisabeast    With every win comes some sort of loss      
ESPN   Rondo fast becoming Celts' leader      
Celtics Circuit  It would be in Boston's best interest to win this series tonight     
A desperate cry for help to our bench     
NESN   LeBron Kobe finals a foregone conclusion?     
Windy City awaits Celtics in game 3     
Southtown Star  Bulls on the lookout for Pierce    
Connecticut Post   Big decisions or small?    
Blog a bull    Playoff thoughts and observations       
In which I somewhat crap all over the Bulls vaunted home court advantage     
Enterprise  Scalabrine cleared to suit up for action       
Deseret News   Flash fight back bur fall to 14ers in OT     
Southcoast Today  What are the Celtics chances without Kevin Garnett?   
Celtics announcer needs to call it like it is, not how he sees it      
Big pressure on Big Baby      
Green Street   Bulls mystique gone for Celtics?    
All eyes on Paul Pierce    
Daily Vidette   Rondo taking over for Big 3   
Chicago Sun Times  Bulls looking for home improvement    
Derrick Rose voted NBA rookie of the year    Could Paul Pierce also be injured?    
USA Today   Paul Pierce feeling a little out of rhythm     
Pierce content in a supporting role     
Celtics Hub   Is Glen Davis a good player?     
The X Factor:  Brian Scalabrine?      
Hope is a good thing:  KG to hold off on surgery     
Free throw disparity at Chicago      
Frozen moments:  Games 1 and 2    
Daily Herald   Celtics using size to their advantage     
ProJo   NBA is all about LeBron vs Kobe   
Bulls are showing us that they might be better than we thought      
Chicago Tribune  Salmons wary of Pierce's slump    
Vinny Del Negro's father big fan of.... Celtics       
Bleacher Report   Bulls/Celtics:  2 games in, what to expect from here    
Rose game 1 performance against Celtics historical     
Full Court Press   Give and go:  Bum rush the playoffs edition    
Junk food for the Celtics fan's soul    
Sporting News  Point guards making their mark in this year's playoffs     
Hoopsworld    Power rankings - Celtics 10th     
Next year's MVP race   The toughest call:  block or charge?    
Locksmith Sports  NBA playoff odds:  Celtics Bulls game 3     
WEEI   Doc Rivers on Dennis and Callahan      
CSN Celtics Stuff Live   Scalabrine to the rescue?    
Playoff thoughts part deux     
Ray Allen rolls Chicago:  Rolling observations     
Wager Web    Celtics in big trouble with Powe out also    
Fox Sports   Home cooking isn't as sweet as usual     
Celtics 17   I'm not going to say I told you so, but Glen Davis is doing well      
Top 10 PGs in the NBA     
Jazzbots   Over confidence is their weakness      
Mass Live   Disappointed Powe set to begin comeback from playoff injury      


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