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The Truth Is, I Told You So

Here's what I said last night:

I'm thinking we'll see a big game out of Pierce on Thursday.  I can just feel it.

Here's what I said this afternoon:

I can't wait till Pierce drops 30 on 'em tonight.

Ok, so he didn't get 30, but he would have if they needed him to.  He was a man on a mission tonight and took the Chicago crowd right out of it.  I love it.  Thank you Paul.

More points:

  • Rondo is still the best player in this series so far.  20 pts, 11 reb, and 6 ast, 5 stl
  • They just had to carry Rondo off the floor.  Not sure what happened but he looked to be limping badly.  UPDATE:  Rondo was interviewed and said his feet hurt but that he is "fine."
  • Another very solid game by Big Baby, including 6 assists and 6 steals to go with 9 boards and 14 pts. (thanks tance)
  • Some nice minutes by Marbury tonight, in particular when Rondo had foul trouble in the first half.
  • Great to see Scal back on the court hitting a 3 pointer.
  • In that's-just-sad news, Tony Allen apparently got death threats in Chicago (his home town).
  • More important than the offense in this game was the back-to-basics defensive performance by the Celtics.  Scoring over 100 we know we can do.  Holding them under 90 is more difficult.
  • For those scoring at home, Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose combined for just 24 points and 3 assists.  The Bulls only got 4 blocked shots to the C's 10.
  • With that said, this one was over midway through the 3rd and full game stats don't really matter much.  Just a nice blowout win.
  • Hey Green17, so much for losing home court advantage huh?  Also, as MattD said in the comments about the theory that we can't win on the road in the playoffs: "Nice to put that to rest at the earliest possible opportunity."

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