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Doc Lobbies For Powe Extension

Classy (from the Herald)

Doc Rivers acknowledged today that he is lobbying for a new Powe contract.

“Oh, I lobby all the time. I just don’t do it publically,’’ he said. “I lobby for all my guys. Any guy that has your team at heart, I’m lobbying for him. It’s good to have soldiers in your locker room.

“Forget the basketball. For me that’s a huge loss,’’ said Rivers. “I look at the big picture sometimes, and forget the basketball – he’s going to be a free agent this year. He’s going to have reconstructive surgery, there’s a chance he’s not going to get a contract. He’s done everything right for his coach, and everything right for his team. This kid was homeless, so that hurts. He’s everything that’s right about our league.’’

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