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The Secret of His Success

Updated Photo from <a href="" target="new">here</a>.
Updated Photo from here.

Rajon Rondo shares a hint about what makes him destroy opposing point guards and battle through repeated ankle injuries.  Red Bull!  From his blog...

What's good! We are in Chicago right now...I'm about to get dressed for the game. I wanted to drop yall a few lines first. I want to get this win tonight. I know yall have been watching, and these past two games have been close. I'm really hoping we go out and get this one tonight. Some of yall may have seen me jump out of the Red Bull car before game 1. That car was crazy! I am officially the first NBA player to sign with them, so I'm pretty excited about it. I've been drinking it a lot since I signed, and I will have to say that it does give you wiings! Well...I have to get dressed now. Just wanted to stop by for a minute. I'm going to put up some photos from a Red Bull shoot I had, so check them out. I'll holla!

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