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How Do You Stop Rondo?

Well, the short answer is "you don't" but that won't stop teams from trying.  One writer for Chicago's CSN affiliate has these few ideas:

So, what can Vinny Del Negro and his staff do to flush that disaster away, and get ready for Game 4? First of all, they have to come up with a new strategy for defending Rajon Rondo. The Celtics' do-everything point guard is dominating the series, and it's painfully obvious neither Derrick Rose nor any of the other Bulls' guards can stay in front of him. The coaches must commit to trapping Rondo on the high screen and roll, and have their big players step into the lane to stop his penetration. Yes, that will lead to some dunks for Kendrick Perkins and "Big Baby" Davis, but it's worth it to keep Rondo from doing anything he wants on the court. And, as my dear departed friend Norm Van Lier would say, knock him on his rear end (he would have used a different word) whenever he drives to the basket. Hard fouls are part of playoff basketball, and anything that can get Rondo out of his comfort zone is worth a try.

Hard fouls are part of playoff basketball, but lets hope that the sight of Kendrick Perkins gives the Bulls' bigs pause when considering how hard to hit our diminutive quarterback.

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