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Celtics Stuff Live 4/26: Jessica Camerato

Following the Celtics 121-118 2OT loss to the Bulls on Sunday, Jessica Camerato from joined Justin and Jon to take stock of today's loss and the series which is now tied at 2-2.  Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins were at the heart of some praise for their play in this series, while Mikki Moore received some criticism for not playing well enough to earn more than 6 minutes of playing time in a game where the Celtics could have used his length.  Jessica cast her vote for the Magic as the preferred second round opponent should the Celtics get past the first round.  While she felt that the officiating did not favor the Bulls this afternoon, she did think that the final call on Perkins was one that should have been ignored in the interest of letting them play.

Later in the show, Justin expressed his concern that single days off and travel in between the next two games might adversely effect the Celtics given the heavy dose of minutes played by the starters today and the poor bench play in the series.  We got a call from the Dadhead who lofted some criticism the way of Doc Rivers for not fouling the Bulls ahead by 3 in the final minutes of the first OT.  The Scotsman made his regular call into the show and expressed his predictable frustration for the lack of calls for Paul Pierce and single digit attempts from the line.  

We wrapped the show addressing the recent reports that Tony Allen has been receiving death threats, and spawned a brief look ahead to the upcoming off-season and wondering how the roster might shape out once again with limited depth as a result of Rajon Rondo deserving a high priced extension and role players like Tony seemingly unlikely to return.  We also fit in an e-mail and voicemail calling for Doc Rivers to have received more votes for Coach of the Year (finishing 10th?) and the double-standard that was Mike Brown's garnering the award for doing no more than Doc Rivers in 2008 (losing out to Byron Scott).  Jon and Justin agreed, feeling that no one has done more with less this season than Doc Rivers.

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