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Boxed Out, Conference Quarters Style

Boxed Out: A weekly look at statistical oddities around the NBA

We're officially into playoffs-only basketball with this week's Boxed Out.  I'd have a more upbeat introduction if I hadn't just spent three and a half hours pacing around my living room only to witness a double-overtime loss.  Let's crunch some numbers.

Ben Gordon, Monday at Boston: 14-for-24 from the field, 6-for-11 on threes, 8-for-9 foul shooting, 42 points, 1 rebound, 0 assists, 0 turnovers

Scored the Bulls' last 12 points in a thriller at the New Garden.

Ray Allen, Monday versus Chicago: 9-for-18 from the field, 6-for-10 on threes, 6-for-6 foul shooting, 30 points

That included the trey to win it.  Also, his point guard went for a bonkers 19-16-12 triple-double in this game.

Tony Parker, Monday versus Dallas: 16-for-22 from the field, 38 points, 8 assists

His speed is a real problem for the Mavs' backcourt.  The rest of his team has not been thus far.

LeBron James, Tuesday versus Detroit: 13-for-17 foul shooting

The Pistons shot 13-for-16 from the stripe.

Aaron Brooks, Tuesday at Portland: 9-for-12 from the field, 4-for-5 on threes, 23 points, 5 assists

Good to see that Rafer Alston is not missed.

Brandon Roy, Tuesday versus Houston: 15-for-27 from the field, 42 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, 0 turnovers

Ron Artest was very surprised that this happened.

Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza, Tuesday versus Utah: 22-for-26 from the field, 54 points

Great frontcourt defense by the Jazz.

Dwyane Wade, Wednesday at Atlanta: 11-for-20 from the field, 6-for-10 on threes, 33 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds

The three-point shooting is the real oddity here.  Well done, Dwyane.

Chauncey Billups, Wednesday versus New Orleans: 8-for-15 from the field, 4-for-6 on threes, 11-for-11 foul shooting, 31 points, 4 assists, 0 turnovers

Has played like the champion he is this week.

Tim Duncan, Thursday at Dallas: 2-for-9 from the field, 4 points

Career playoff low.

Carlos Boozer, Thursday versus LA Lakers: 23 points, 22 rebounds

A 20-20 game will always earn you a spot in this space.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Friday at Detroit: 9 third-quarter points

And they won this game by double-digits.

Joe Smith, Friday at Detroit: 19 points, 10 rebounds

Two more rebounds than Mikki Moore has collected in four games of the 2009 playoffs.

Dwight Howard, Friday at Philadelphia: 12-for-16 from the field, 12-for-14 foul shooting, 36 points, 11 rebounds


Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks, Friday versus Portland: 5-for-18 from the field, 18 points

Yet the Rockets held on to win.

Tony Parker, Saturday at Dallas: 18-for-29 from the field, 43 points

Given that he was one of two guys consistently scoring for San Antonio, it seems a bit rough to kill him for missing a pair of freebies in the final minutes and rushing a three late in the game.  Great job keeping his team in it 'til the end.

Jason Terry, Saturday versus San Antonio: 3-for-17 from the field

Like Parker, he did a fine job keeping the Spurs in this game.

Jermaine O'Neal, Saturday versus Atlanta: 22 points, 10 rebounds

JO has a pulse?

Andrew Bynum, Saturday at Utah: 0 starts, 7 minutes, 2 points, 1 rebound, 2 fouls, 2 turnovers

Savior indeed.

That will do it for this week's edition of Boxed Out.  Here's hoping we'll have a statistic for you next week that chronicles the Bulls' timely demise.

The Daily Babble comes your way this afternoon.  Catch ya on the flip side of the meridian.

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