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Blog Assists - 4/27

Just swinging the rock around the perimeter to get an open look.

Red's Army:

Lost in all the madness of yesterday's double OT loss was the fact that Kendrick Perkins had a fantastic game, and may have been the reason the Celtics even had a chance.

Celtics Hub:

Why in god's name would you not foul the team down by three points, forcing them to shoot two foul shots?

Full Court Press:

Four games down and it feels like 24. One blowout sandwiched among three total nail biters, the most recent of which was an absolute classic. What more can the Celtics and Bulls possibly give us?

Hardwood Paroxysm:

I've always respected the Celtics bigs as role players. But they've been absolutely phenomenal in the first week of the playoffs. Glen Davis' ability to hit open jumpers puts the defense in an almost impossible position. You have to keep men down low to try and handle Perkins, you have to trap either Rondo, Allen, or Pierce, whoever has the ball, and you have to keep perimeter pressure on the other one. The bigs' ability to hit jumpers has been phenomenal. Additionally, Perkins has just been beastly. Jump hooks, offensive rebounds, and the gap between his knowledge of positioning and the Bulls' bigs is a mile wide.

Blog a Bull:

There were a few situations where the Bulls could've put the game away in regulation, but overtime wasn't the worst result for them as it exposed the difference in depth between these two teams. Mikki Moore had nothing but a foul and a block in 9 minutes. Stephon Marbury had 2 points in over 5 minutes. Tony Allen managed to post a +/- of -12 in 3:07 of floor time with his only box score contribution being a costly turnover. Brian Scalabrine fouled out in 18 minutes, though perhaps most importantly he had to play 18 minutes in the first place, with Kendrick Perkins fouling out before the end of the 4th period. With 6 periods in this game it made a huge difference to see the very soft Celtics bench have to log major time.

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