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Fuel For Conspiracy Theorists

Frank Dell'Apa reports:

An NBA source pointed out before the game that two of the referees were Chicago natives (Bill Kennedy and Dan Crawford). Kennedy also was involved in an incident with Rivers during the Bulls' St. Patrick's Day win in which both were fined by the league for jawing. The source also said that after the game family members of both referees departed wearing Bulls gear.

This really isn't going to help Matt's cause much.

This all seems pretty funny to me.  I couldn't care less.  I've always felt that the players (almost always) win or lose the games.  All the talk about refs bores me to tears but you folks seem to enjoy it, so I'm sure you'll have fun with this.

Update: Souza has some quotes from Perkins and Doc complaining about the officials.

Update #2: Seems like there may have been some misunderstanding.  See this FanHouse post:

It appears that, contrary to Dell'Apa's report, Kennedy is actually from Phoenix. Born there, attended high school there, and went to Arizona State.

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