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The Amazing Vanishing Mikki Moore

Hollinger amusingly points out the reduced role that Mikki Moore has taken on this team despite our desperate need for frontcourt help.

Even though KG and Powe were out, Boston coach Doc Rivers' reluctance to use Mikki Moore in Game 4 was so obvious he might as well have been wearing a neon sign saying, "Mikki scares me!"

Moore played only six minutes in Game 4, and Rivers wouldn't let him near the court in the two overtimes, even when Kendrick Perkins had fouled out. Moore's stock has sunk to the point that in the crucial first overtime, Rivers decided he'd rather put in Brian Scalabrine, who hadn't played in two months and wasn't even on the team's active roster in last year's postseason.

In other words, Boston has effectively chosen to go down to a three-player big-man rotation, with Brian Scalabrine as No. 3. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that Perkins and Glen Davis absolutely, positively can't get in foul trouble, because the options behind them are so horrific.

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