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Paul Pierce is still the Truth when it matters most!!!

  • Down 10 in the fourth quarter, the Celtics refused to give up.
  • Wow, Rondo, just wow.  What else can we say about this kid?
  • Huge game by Perkins.  7 blocks, 19 rebounds, and just for fun, 16 points
  • Big hats off to Ben Gordon who fought through pain to make some huge buckets for them.
  • Really, really got nervous seeing Starbury and Tony in the game during overtime and sure enough, they came up small.  (Marbury passing up that wide open shot and Tony fouling Gordon for 3 shots were mind numbingly bad)
  • Losing Ray Allen was huge but the team overcame.
  • Did I forget about Big Baby?  This guy never backs down.
  • I was really getting worried and a little frustrated by Paul's shots not falling in the first 3 periods, but he stepped up when we needed him to.  Oh Captain, my Captain.  He did it again.

"I just thought when Ray fouled out it was time for me to really step up," said Pierce, who scored 12 points in the 10 minutes after Allen left the game. "Better late than never."

Just a very satisfying win for a team that I'm very proud of.


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