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No Further Action Against Rondo

Per Marc Spears:

An NBA official said the situation with Celtics guard Rajon Rondo's hard foul on Chicago's Brad Miller in Game 5 yesterday in Boston stands as is. There was some concern that Rondo could get a Flagrant Foul or more due to the hard foul.

The league made the right call in terms of not over-reacting and suspending Rondo.  I'll admit that I'm surprised that they didn't upgrade the foul to a flagrant, and maybe assess a fine.  However, under no circumstances should there have been a suspension.

Update: Here's the explanation from the league:

"We felt Rondo was making a basketball play and going for the ball after a blown defensive assignment by the Celtic team," Jackson said.

"In terms of the criteria that we use to evaluate a flagrant foul penalty one, generally we like to consider whether or not there was a windup, an appropriate level of impact and a follow-through. And with this foul, we didn't see a windup, nor did he follow through. So for that reason we're not going to upgrade this foul to a flagrant foul penalty one."

In other discipline-related playoff news, Dwight Howard was suspended for Game 6 of the Magic / Sixers series for his elbow jab at Sam Dalembert's head.

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