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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight, 9-10pm, with Sean Grande

In the brief lull between Games 5 and 6 of this intensely competitive and entertaining first round series between the Bulls and Celtics, Celtics Stuff Live hit the airwaves to fill a bit of time and keep fellow Celtics fans plugged in to the latest on the guys in green. The radio voice of the Boston Celtics, Sean Grande, joined Jon and Justin to chat about what Sean thought could be one of the best seven game series in NBA history should it go the distance. High praise, no doubt, but that is precisely what you get when overtime playoff games are as plentiful as Mikki Moore fouls. While Mikki was on the receiving end of some fairly harsh, and deserved, criticism from the guys and Grande, it was Glen Davis, he of the best plus/minus of any player in the playoffs, who was uncharacteristically receiving praise on this edition of Celtics Stuff Live.

Predictably, the topic turned to the up and down officiating which Grande saw as the worst in a single season he had seen in his 11 years involved in the NBA. No doubt this will give fuel to the fire of conspiracy theorists as well as those who simply believe the NBA officiating is god awful.

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