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Brick House?

All year long Eddie House has been draining threes and proving scoring punch off the bench.  Eddie broke Danny Ainge's long distance shooting percentage team record by tossing in 44.4% of his 3 point buckets (good for 8.5 pts. per game).

The postseason has been a different story so far though.  He's only shooting 31.8% from deep so far, contributing just 4.4 points per game.  He only hit more than one 3 pointer once this series (2 in game 3).  He's not even playing that much.  He only logged 10 minutes in Game 5's overtime effort.

So what's the deal?  Doc offers some insight.

On House: "Eddie, we've just got to get going. It's tough for Eddie, though, in this series. They're attacking him when he comes on the floor. It's clear.

"We knew coming into this series the Bulls have four guys who can create their own shot and they're all at guard. So when you bring Eddie on the court they're going right at him and forcing us to take him off the floor unless he can defend.

"He's had some good stretches, but the better he can defend the longer he can stay on the floor."

So it sounds like Eddie isn't a good enough defender to stay on the court.  Here's hoping he can stay in front of his man more because we could really use his shooting on the court tomorrow night.

Eddie wasn't much of a factor in the playoffs last year until he hit some timely shots against the Lakers in the Finals.  However, he's been a much bigger part of the offense this year and I was hoping for more out of him in the playoffs.

If he gets some more looks (by staying on the court) I think you'll see his averages even out.  Our bench sure could use the shot in the arm (bad pun intended).

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