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Doc: Keep Moving Forward

Nice article on Doc Rivers by Mark Murphy today.  Here's a clip:

Rivers, however, is not dwelling on the circumstances. He simply wants Powe to succeed. Ask him about all of the other injuries, and the players like Rondo and Pierce who play through the pain every night, and Rivers responds that their ability to deal is an unspoken code.

“I’ve been down before, felt down, but it’s never kept me from moving forward,” he said. “And I always have been like that. Before Game 3, I told them that one of my favorite sayings I got from my father, who got it from being a police officer. It goes‘ ‘A victim is only a victim if he becomes a victim.’ I talked about that before Game 3. You have to act like a victim to be a victim. I really believe that belief system from my mom and dad has helped me get through some tough times.

“You do build strength from it, but I don’t dwell on it,” he said. “Everything is forward in life for me, not behind. I tell my players, it’s always in transition with me. I’m always going to make mistakes. I’m not a perfect coach, though I try to be. The team is going to make mistakes and so are you, and as long as we keep moving along we have a shot at this.”

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