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I'm drained. 

I don't think this series will ever, ever, ever end.

Down 13 in the first half, down 11 in the 4th, the Celtics never gave up.  But then again, neither did the Bulls.

None of this has a chance of being coherent, but here we go...

  • 51 for Ray Allen, incredible - and most of that was in regulation.  The man is amazing.
  • 19 assists for Rondo.
  • You know, after 3 overtimes the stats just don't matter anymore
  • Paul Pierce had many opportunities to win this game.  That's not a knock, he's proved himself time and time again.  It just didn't happen tonight and he ended up making a dumb play at the very end.  Too bad.
  • Losing Perkins hurt, but that happens in triple overtime games (I would assume, I don't have a lot of examples to pull from)
  • Tony Allen taking 2 shots in the clutch should never, ever happen.  Baffling.
  • Salmons was huge.  Rose was huge. Brad Miller was huge.  Hats off to all of them.
  • I still hate Noah, but I have to admit, the kid knows his role and plays it well.
  • I'm missing a ton more points but I'm toast.

Now we head back to Boston for game 7.  That will probably go to 5 overtimes.  I wish I could sleep till Saturday.

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