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Potential Playoff Matchups: 76ers

Continuing our series on Potential Playoff Matchups we look at the Philadelphia 76ers.  (Also see Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons)

Philadelphia 76ers
Celtics leads season series 3-0
Teams play one more time on April 14
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Pros:  The Celtics have handled the Sixers every time they've faced them this year.  They are a young team that invested a lot of money into Elton Brand only to see him miss most of the year.  Their best player (Iguodala) would probably be better suited to be some team's 2nd best player.  One of the main bright spots on the team, Thaddeus Young, just went down with an ankle sprain that may force him to miss the beginning of the playoffs.

Cons:  Ummm...., hold on.  I'm sure I can think of something.  Well, in the last game, it took a Ray Allen buzzer beater to beat them.  And Andre Miller is "crafty."  I'm not seeing much here.  Lets just move on.

Matchup Highlights:  They do have some size down low.  Dalember and Speights are your typical "long" centers that can disrupt drives into the lane.  Lou Williams and Willie Green can seek up on you if you don't pay attention to them.  Losing Young really hurts them since he would have been an X-factor.

Conclusion:  If they stay in the playoffs, they'll have a quick exit no matter who they play.  I hate to totally write them off since Atlanta was dismissed before last year's first round series, but that Hawks team was picking up steam while this Sixers team is stumbling.  No fear here.

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