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Celtics Stuff Live: Sunday Night with Marc Spears



A strange site in 2009 has been the lack of a Celtics game on a Sunday, but that is precisely what we had on the eve of Red Sox opening day and a beautiful sunny afternoon in New England. Obviously the dark clouds of Kevin Garnett's injury loom on the horizon, but Celtics Stuff Live's guest, the Boston Globe's Marc Spears, was not nearly as concerned about KG's performance in the playoffs as what we heard on WEEI this week. Marc indicated that what he is hearing is that the injury is something that, at most, might require  being scoped as opposed to much more serious invasive surgery. Marc didn't see 28-35 minutes per game as something that would be more than Garnett will be capable of once the playoffs ramp up.

Marc was much more cautious of a potential matchup with the Pistons in the first round than any of the other possible opponents, but even more enlightening was Marc's comment where he said that he didn't believe any other team in the league can beat the Celtics if they are healthy. Feel good about that one, fellow Celtics fans.

In wrapping up our interview with Marc, Jon and Justin asked about a story from last Friday that claimed the Boston Globe may be on the verge of shutting its doors. Marc, quite candidly, talked about how becoming a sportswriter was a dream of his from a young age and how deeply he cares about his job, the team he covers, and the paper that employs him. There may be a lot of criticism of the newspaper industry and cheerleaders for the closing of the Globe, but it would be difficult to see how anyone can listen to Marc's story, or the story of the hundreds of others effected by this harsh economic climate, and not feel great sympathy for their plight.

Moving back to the Celtics in the second hour, several of the show's regular callers joined in to weigh in on the potential playoff matchups and where the C's rank in that mix. Lastly, Eric Weiss from BBIQ took issue with the opinion that Detroit was a team to be feared in the playoffs, and also provided some thoughts on the NCAA tourney and the Final Four.

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