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Boston An Option For AI?

Marc Stein writes about where Iverson may end up this offseason.  One of the options mentioned is Boston, though it sounds like a longshot.  (h/t Celtics Hub)

I need to stress that this is purely an educated guess from one of my guys who knows his stuff. But I was sufficiently convinced to share the speculation.

If the Celtics fail to repeat as champs, and if A.I. were willing to take a short-term deal to chase the ring that has eluded him, Iverson to Boston is not nearly as outlandish as it sounds.

Iverson almost certainly would have to accept the bench role he repeatedly has said he'll never accept again, which is a sizable impediment. But that probably would be the biggest impediment here.

Sorry, but I don't buy Iverson taking a backup role here if he wasn't willing to do it in Detroit.

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