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Rondo Plays Like Stockton

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TrueHoop has an interesting player comparison article up.

In the 1989-90 season John Stockton had the highest PER of his career -- about 24 -- but made just about half a 3-pointer per 36 minutes he played. His shooting percentages were high from everywhere, and he managed a shocking 14 assists and 2.6 steals per game. Who plays anything like that today? The normal first guess is that Stockton is like Steve Nash, but Pelton's numbers say Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul are more like it."The biggest reason Nash doesn't show up," explains Pelton, "is that while Stockton was one of the league's best thieves, Nash collects steals at a rate way below league average."

  • Rajon Rondo 92.0
  • Chris Paul 91.0
  • Deron Williams 86.5
  • Jose Calderon 84.8
  • Devin Harris 84.7

In other Hall of Fame news, Dennis Johnson will once again not be honored in Springfield. From that same TrueHoop article:

At the age of 52, about two years ago, coach Dennis Johnson passed away. To many, he was always a tremendous role player on Larry Bird's Celtics teams -- and an elite defender. But Pelton points out there was more to the story of his career: "His earlier incarnation was as a high-scoring guard who could also distribute the basketball. Alas, Johnson's strongest skill in either role was his defensive ability, which is tough to measure here. Still, those comparables should remind everyone that DJ could score too."

  • Vince Carter 95.3
  • Tracy McGrady 95.5

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