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Encouraging Signs

The Globe reports:

Kevin Garnett returned to the court briefly yesterday, displaying encouraging signs in his recovery from a right knee strain, and will join the team for visits to Cleveland Sunday and Philadelphia next Tuesday. Though Garnett will not likely play against the Cavaliers, he will attempt to practice with the Celtics after that game.

The goal for Garnett is to participate in a team shootaround next Tuesday in Philadelphia. No determination has been made about Garnett performing against the Sixers that night or in the season finale the next night against Washington in Boston.

"Slowly but surely," coach Doc Rivers said of Garnett's progress. "You could clearly see the difference. We were really happy, for the first time in a while, with the way it's going.

"I don't think Sunday is a possibility right now, but we're just really happy with what we see. A week ago it was more of a concern, now it's less of a concern. He moved great. You can just tell the difference.

"He's going to go on the road with us and he's going to start practicing. Our hope is to practice our entire team on this road trip."

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