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Scoreboard Watching 4/9

I was going to break down the playoff seedings at some point this week, but it looks like Celtics Hub beat me to the punch.  Basically they predict that the playoff picture will look like it does now.

One key non-Celtics game to look ahead to is the Pistons/Bulls game on Monday.  That game could decide who we face in the first round.  The winner of that seeding battle gets the Celtics and the loser gets the Cavs. 

While I'm not afraid of either team, I'd much rather face the Bulls and I'd very much like to see the Pistons give the Cavs a long, hard first round.

Also, looking ahead a little, I don't think the 2nd round is going to be much of a cakewalk for the Cavs either.  They get the winner of the Heat/Hawks series.  The Hawks proved last year that they can be feisty and the Heat obviously have D. Wade. 

In an ideal world, the Celtics would sweep every series, regardless of who they play.  In a slightly more realistic but favorable world, the Cavs could have two hard-fought rounds before facing a fairly rested, mostly healthy Celtics team in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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