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My Celtics Preview Revisited

Way back in October, I organized our annual NBA Blogger Previews.  The season is winding down and it seems like a good time to review my Celtics Preview.

Here are some quotes from that article and my reactions:

For now, clearly no one player can step in and do everything James did for this team.  However, I believe that each of the younger players has the ability to learn and grow into bigger roles on this team to collectively fill the void.

Sure enough, no single player filled the void.  However, we've seen Rondo, Perkins, Glen Davis, and Leon Powe all step up their production.  We've seen Ray Allen and Eddie House improve as well.  Tony Allen hasn't stepped in as the defensive specialist we're missing without Posey, but some of that is due to injury.

In other news, Ainge filled out the roster by bringing in low cost, low risk, high upside guys.

We got nothing out of O'Bryant or Giddens and we cut Miles in camp.  Bill Walker is the only one getting spot duty and he'll probably find a place on the bench for the playoffs.

Defense, defense, defense.

The Celtics are still 2nd in the league in points allowed, but I'm not sure if there's a good enough stat to measure defense from year to year.  Missing KG hurts, but it seems to me that this team still has the chops to win a title based on defense.

The bench was questioned last year but ended up becoming a significant strength.  This year's younger group faces the same types of questions and has the same kind of opportunity to prove its worth.  Specifically a lot of pressure falls on the untested shoulders of Patrick O'Bryant if Kendrick Perkins misses any significant time.

O'Bryant: FAIL; Powe and Baby: WIN

But Doc has made a point of saying that he'll try to rest Paul and Ray more this year.

Both of their minutes are up, mostly due to injuries (KG, Tony, Scal, etc.)

Bottom line is that if the veterans can stay healthy and well rested, age shouldn't catch up with them just yet.


In a way, the age of the veterans once again becomes a bit of an asset.  They know that time is precious and every year is a cherished opportunity to add to their legacy in green.

I have every reason to believe that KG will recover fully - if not for this offseason, then for next year.  However, you have to wonder if this could end up being a chronic thing or not.  We'll be talking a lot about "windows" this offseason I'm sure.

What is the most underrated story going into this season?  Rajon Rondo taking yet another step forward.

Yup, I called that one!

The East is getting better, so I feel like the bad teams will lose less and the good teams will win less, but the Celtics should still be good for the best record in the East.

Nope, didn't call that one.  Who would have guessed that the Cavs would dominate the way they have?

Predicted Record: 59-23

Well, they have already matched that win total.  I think it is safe to say that even with all the injuries they have exceeded my expectations.  I'll take it.

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