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Cs Eye Series Tie In Game 4

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Sunday, May 10, 2009
8:00 pm ET
Amway Arena (Orlando, FL)

I assume that you've all heard the sports term "win or go home." Tonight, the Celtics need to take it to heart, as a Game 4 loss would give Orlando a comfortable 3-1 series lead. Now, that isn't impossible to recover from, but only eight clubs in NBA history have been able to pull off a miracle comeback from an equal deficit. Mathematically, the series would be up for grabs, but realistically it would be all but over.

As Kendrick Perkins noted after Game 1's loss, the Celtics have the tendency to get a little too comfortable and let their guard down. Game 2 was all fine and dandy, but the defensive effort in Game 3 was atrocious at best, and the team was as out of sync offensively as they've been all season.

Tonight, that's not gonna fly. No more lackadaisical defense, no more stagnant offense, and no more allowing the opposition to dictate the tempo of the game. It's time to buckle down and regain homecourt advantage.

Take what's yours, Cs.

Regular Season Record: 62-20
Eastern Conference Seed: 2
Conference Quarterfinals Result: BOS 4, CHI 3

Projected Starters

Series Leaders
PPG: Paul Pierce (17.7)
RPG: Kendrick Perkins (10.7)
APG: Rajon Rondo (10.7)
SPG: Rajon Rondo (2.7)
BPG: Kendrick Perkins (1.7)

Regular Season Record: 59-23
Eastern Conference Seed: 3
Conference Quarterfinals Result: ORL 4, PHI 2

Projected Starters

Series Leaders
PPG: Rashard Lewis (21.0)
RPG: Dwight Howard (16.0)
APG: Rafer Alston (6.0)
SPG: Rashard Lewis/Michael Pietrus (1.8)
BPG: Dwight Howard (2.7)

Injury Report
Kevin Garnett (right knee - out)
Leon Powe (torn ACL - out)
Jameer Nelson (torn right labrum - out)

Keys to Victory

  • Sense of Urgency
  • Attack, Attack, Attack
  • Get Back On Defense After Missed Shots
  • Control the Defensive Glass
  • Take Care of the Ball
  • Avoid Foul Trouble

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