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Celtics Stuff Live Playoff Edition 5/11

It's been 24 hours and Big Baby is still the talk of Celtics fans and the league as the rotund forward transformed the team from potentially being down 3-1 to tying their series with Orlando at 2 with a pair of games left to play at home. For some sports shows, that would be enough analysis to keep them full until Memorial Day... not Celtics Stuff Live.

Jon and Justin spent a lot of time talking about the man who made the pass to Baby on that play, Paul Pierce, and his effort on Sunday night in the context of his ability to come through when the Celtics need him most for his entire career. A fantastic email from John in Boston took this point to the next level in discussing Rajon Rondo's absurdly KG-like line and Justin made the point that we may be seeing the next Paul Pierce in the form of the former Kentucky point guard.

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