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Can't Close The Deal

Howard walked the walk, the Celtics couldn't put them away and Orlando forces a game 7.

  • Boston actually started off this game playing very well.  They moved the ball and got great looks at the basket and chased down all the lose balls.
  • Then they pulled an Orlando and faltered down the stretch.
  • Rondo came out strong and aggressive and had a nice all around game.  Usually when that happens we win.  Somehow that didn't happen this time.
  • I love Ray Allen and it is hard to fault a guy that works so hard on his game.  With that said, his slump is really hurting us right now.  He should be destroying these guys and apart from one big 3 in game 5, we've gotten nothing out of him this series offensively.
  • Another up and down game for Paul Pierce.  He was near invisible for much of the 2nd half before catching fire for 8 straight points to retake the lead.  I though that we were really going to start rolling at that point.  I though the Magic would fold like a card table again.  They didn't.
  • Howard got his touches, but not by guilting his team into passing him the ball more.  He did it the right way (for his game) and hit the boards.
  • It is almost unfair to expect greatness out of Glen Davis every game, but he's raised the bar with his play this postseason.  He didn't have a great game.
  • Another day, another solid game for Perkins.  Howard just played better.  Tip your hat to him.
  • All season long we've been bemoaning the turnovers.  They killed us tonight.

Bottom line is that the Celtics couldn't close the door.  They let the Magic back in this series and now they got to game 7 where someone is going home for the year.  I'm pretty confident that the Celtics can win at home (how about that home court advantage now?) but I wish they didn't have to.

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