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The King is Dead. Long Live the King [James?]

Too many shots rolled out.  Too many missed rotations on the defensive end.  Too many and too timely threes from Magic shooters.  Too many injuries.   While deep down we all probably thought this result was inevitable at some point in the post-season, that it has happened is still a huge disappointment.

After a short period of feeling each other out, the Magic went on a run and the Celtics never got it back.   They were in the game, had a few possessions where they could have pulled within a bucket, but ultimately couldn't get over the hump.    Every time the Celtics got close, the Magic answered, eventually the Magic kept answering even though the Celtics were no longer asking, resulting in a lead of such a size that should never happen in Game 7 in the Garden. 

I don't really feel up to recapping the game in detail.  It was a giant bummer, interspersed with a few good stretches.  Ray finally got on track somewhat, but Paul was off, Rajon was asleep for most of the first half and Baby could not find that magic again.  Pietrus killed the Celtics with some timely buckets.  Dwight got some nice dunks but otherwise continued to show that his post game is not much better than Mikki Moore's.

Big step forward for the Magic tonight.  Hopefully they're not just happy getting to play the Lebrons in the ECF and will make a real go of it. 

For the Celtics, its a long way until next season.  KG go get your surgery.  Danny, please send Thibs on an all-expenses paid vacation to Thailand until October, we cannot lose him.   Billy, Gabe and JR practice, practice, practice this summer - clearly we need some bench depth.   There will be plenty to talk about this summer in the quest to get #18.

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