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A few a.m. links

1.  Red's Army Questions KG's Injury:  I find this to be an unbelievable point of view, but I guess some people may agree with it.  

2.  Howard Beck (NYT) Looks at the Cavs Dominance and Lack of Intrigue:  Hopefully the Magic can give the Lebrons a real run,  I'm not into more Cavs blowouts.

3.  The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight!  Who knew?  One thing to be thankful for: we don't have to care about how randomly selected ping pong balls will determine the future of the franchise at 8:30 p.m. tonight.   The rumor I heard on the radio in New York this weekend is that the Knicks would pick Rubio if they won the first pick.  Insanity.   

4.  More sad NBA news:  One-time Celtic [technically] Brian Grant has Parkinson's

5.  SBN's Playoff Central:   See what other blogs around the network are thinking about the conference finals. 

6.  SNL spoofs EJ and Chuckster

7.  6ers fans are excited about Thibs.   I'm not excited about him possibly leaving.  


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