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Don't Stop Now

I don't know if this is a sign of overconfidence, homerism, or just plain naivete, but it only now just sank in that this could be it.  Game 7 means that both teams face elimination.  The Bulls didn't just delay their inevitable demise, they left the door open for the Celtics to be sent home early.

Here's the thing:  I'm not ready for that.  I have not mentally prepared myself for the end of this season.  I don't want to think about free agents and the draft.  I don't want to pick another team to quasi-root for as they advance.  I really don't want to have to pick between the Cavs and Lakers in the Finals.  I want this party to go on and on and on (and I'm not talking about 5 overtimes).

In my heart I still see this as one big celebration of Banner 17.  We are still Defending Champions until someone stops us.  I understand that the odds are against us winning the title without Garnett, but I never imagined that our title defense might end in the first round.

I still think we have the better team.  I believe that the better team (almost always) wins in a 7 game series.  Ergo, the Celtics should win tonight.  I expect it.  That's no discredit to the Bulls, just a confidence in the Celtics.  But there's still a chance they won't.  And that's jarring to me.

You know what they say about living your life as if it was your last one on Earth.  Well, the Celtics have to play as if it is their last game.  As fans, we have to approach this game as if it is the last Celtics game we could be watching this year.  If you are going to the game, ...well, do I really have to tell you how loud to be?

Game 7.  They say "win or go home."  I'm not ready to go home.  So just win.

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