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Game 7 First Half Thoughts

Because game 7 deserves several posts all to itself.

  • Ben Gordon can flat out score.  He can also flat out disappear.  I hope the law of averages cools him off for the 2nd half.
  • Brian Scalabrine kept us in the game early on.  Love this guy.
  • Classic pendulum swing game.  Bulls went on a 7-0 run early on and the Celts went from being down 8 to up 8 in no time flat.  (can't actually remember all the exact numbers).
  • Eddie House!!!  Welcome to the series.
  • Mikki Moore: Not dead yet.
  • The Bulls have been resilient and mentally tough all series long but we saw in game 3 that they can get beat bad.
  • Quietly Paul Pierce is leading us in scoring with 11.
  • Interesting rebound numbers: Noah already has 8 and Perkins has 9.
  • Love the Rondo block on Rose to finish the half.  Very fitting.
  • Wonderful to see the return of Celtics Defense.  Absolutely the number 1 reason for the halftime lead.

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