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Sam Cassell Begins Coaching Career

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Via USA Today:

Sam Cassell, who won three NBA titles in a 15-season career, announced his retirement as a player Thursday and immediately joined the coaching staff of the Washington Wizards.  Cassell [was] hired as assistant[ ] to new Wizards coach Flip Saunders.

"After 15 seasons playing in this league, I have accomplished all that I have dreamed of as a player," Cassell said. "Now the time has come for to me to take my love for the game to the coaching ranks and pass on what I've learned. This team is loaded with talent, and it's a great way for me to start my coaching career."

Congrats to Sam.  He had a great career, and by all indications he was a good mentor for Rondo.  I think he'll be a good assistant, and it won't surprise me if he's looking at a head coaching gig in a few seasons.

In other coaching news, Tom Thibodeau officially interviewed with the Sixers yesterday.  Selfishly, I hope the Sixers go in another direction, but part of me hopes that Thibodeau gets rewarded for all of the great work he's done in the NBA, with New York, Houston, and here in Boston.

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