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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight With Marc Spears

Marc Spears joined Justin and Jon for a Memorial Day weekend show to recap the season and look ahead to the offseason.  Justin and Jon pushed the Ray Allen discussion as a possible means to creating cap flexibility and building depth, but Marc squashed that line of thinking and was pretty confident nothing would happen this summer.

Financial considerations being paramount in this recession and central to the discussion around offseason maneuverings, Marc felt that Bill Walker was a likely and able candidate to fill a major need; a back-up for Paul Pierce.  This spawned Jon and Justin’s one standing gripe regarding Docv River’s coaching, an unwillingness to play rookies, both during the interview and afterwards.


Finally, Tom Thuibodeau is making the head coaching interview tour and Marc was not so sure that Tom would secure employment outside of Boston for next season.  With many capable coaches vying for few opportunities, Marc puts Eddie Jordan at the top of that list and the CSL guys were in agreement.

While the tail end of Marc’s interview devolved into a discussion of his being a renaissance man, apple picking in Maine, and the potential public access documentary starring the esteemed Globe writer and a Maine lobster, die-hard listeners will certainly enjoy this show.

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