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First Step - Surgeries For Everyone!

Here's one article that stood out to me that I missed until now.  I'm not surprised that everyone was beat up and hurting at the end of the season, but I didn't realize that it was to this extent.  From SLAM reporting on the Globe:

According to Rivers, the C’s injuries went deeper than previously thought: “Ray Allen had a hamstring problem throughout the Orlando series that was not getting better,’ said Rivers. ‘Paul had some bone spurs that may need to be removed as well. Perk may have to have a procedure on his shoulder. In Ray’s case, I thought his hamstring was bothering him a lot. That could have had an effect on him [against Orlando].’ Surgery is being considered for Perkins and Pierce, but nothing has been finalized, Rivers said. He also confirmed no date has been set for Kevin Garnett’s operation to remove bone spurs from his right knee.”

And of course we have gotten confirmation that yes, indeed, KG would have played against the Cavs had we not blown a 10 point lead in game 6 and actually closed the Magic out.  Not that I'm still a little bitter or anything.

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