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Celtics Stuff Live: Tonight, 9-10pm, with Kelly Dwyer

Like Paul Pierce, Celtics fans were looking for their own hyperbaric chambers to recuperate after the marathon playoff series against the Chicago Bulls. Celtics Stuff Live wasn't quite ready to put away the Bulls series, so Jon and Justin welcomed Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie NBA blog to take one last look back at the series Sean Grande dubbed the "greatest of all time." Being a longtime rabid Bulls fan, Kelly had some insight on the growth of his Bulls into the very dangerous team the C's battled to a near standstill over the last two weeks. Still,
Kelly had exceedingly high praise for our Boston Celtics, and he has had high praise going back to his very first visit to Celtics Stuff Live.


Jon and Justin wrapped things up once again in overtime with a weekly call from the Scotsman followed by some chatting about how this Orlando - Boston series was going to break down with one matchup rising above all others, Perk on Dwight Howard. 

Join us Thursday for our next special Playoff Edition of Celtics Stuff Live.

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