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Daily Links 5/31

Herald   Without teammates help, LeBron is at a loss   
Celtics earn solid pat on the back    
Dwight Howard super with 40 as Magic make Finals      
Globe   Changing of a guard    
Arizona prospect is hot stuff    
The Celtics' odd couple

CelticsBlog   Let's go Magic    
Paul Pierce:  Underrated and underappreciated     
LOY's Place   Let's go Magic - Beat LA     
Celtics 17   Time ran out on the Cleveland Cavaliers    
Red's/Pat's Army   Welcome to Pat's Army    
No confidence in the Magic     
Fox Sports   How the Cavs went from unbeatable to beaten     
NY Daily News   With playoffs like these the NBA is fantastic again     
hese Lakers ready for knockout in NBA Finals     
Celtics Circuit   Orlando Magic- Los Angeles Lakers Finals?     
Forgetting about the 58th pick?     
Comcast SportsNet  Which teams might be interested in Glen Davis?    
FanHouse   As bitter LeBron runs away, Howard inherits stage   
NBC Sports   Look out Lakers, Superman is coming      
SacBee   Westphal appears to be Kings' top candidate    Seen and heard as Magic finish off Cavs  and head to LA    
ProJo   It's award time, so here are mine      
Bleacher Report   The 10 most underpaid players in the NBA    
Hoopsvibe   Will the Celtics return strong next year?     
News 10 Sports      Kings interview Thibodeau, Rambis is next      
Inside Nova   Jordan's hire promised heartache for Sixers     
The Big Green Machine   Dwight drives Magic past Cavs into Finals     
Full Court Press   Geoff Petrie updates the Kings coaching search



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