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Fool's Gold?

Doc is not  that encouraged by the comeback attempt in game 1. (Herald)

“I look on (Monday) night as a loss, and we have to play better - bottom line. I don’t lean on the fact that we had a chance to win the game. I focus more on the fact that they were up 28 points. I look on that a lot more than that we made a fool’s gold run at the end of the game that got everybody excited. That does nothing for me.

Red's Army reminds us not to focus too much on the comeback (forgetting about the part where we were down 28 points):

Honestly, what really gets me isn't even the first half of yesterday's game.  It's the last month of the regular season when we were screaming for the starters minutes to be limited.  Everyone went nuts about home court advantage and how important it was for us.  The third seed was a bad thing to a lot of people.

Yet, I think its clear that getting the second seed gave us zero advantage in the first round of the playoffs.  And we don't have home court advantage anymore anyway. And I think its clear that Paul Pierce is gassed.  He's trying to pick his spots and be "Paul Pierce" when it counts... but I don't know if he's capable of 40 quality minutes right now.  These guys can say they're fine all they want... but the season takes a toll on you.

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