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Ewing Theory?

Now it all makes sense; Paul Pierce was holding this team back.  Clearly the key to the series is playing less Paul Pierce.  Forget starting Scal, lets start Eddie House.

Oh yeah, and you know how much I hate saying "I told you so," but hey, I told you so.

In all seriousness, who can really figure out these Celtics?  They are like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're going to get.  Plus you sometimes eat too many, get sugar rush and run around your living room only to end up feeling stick to your stomach (but you come back for more the next day).

Some random thoughts from a blowout win:

  • An emphatic dunk sealed the deal on Rondo's 3rd triple double of the postseason.  Beautiful.
  • Good things happen when you penetrate the lane.  Open looks inside and out for everyone.
  • Big Baby started, picked up one quick foul, and Doc brought in Jackie Moon.  That's one way to have your cake and eat it too.
  • How sweet is it when Eddie is House on Fire?  Well, Skip To My Lou isn't a big fan, but we'll see if he's playing the next game after that head slap.
  • Kendrick Perkins is totally holding his own against Dwight Howard.
  • Ray is still missing a number of 3's, but found other ways to get to his 22 points.  I expect that at some point his shooting averages will even out, ...then look out.
  • Not sure why the starters were playing in the 4th quarter.  Maybe Doc wanted to get a practice in before heading to Orlando.

It is nice to take the momentum back, but winning at home is supposed to happen.  Now we have to do it on the road.  I like our chances but I don't expect the Magic to roll over and die either.

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