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Daily Links 6/1

Herald     Lakers carry home court advantage into NBA finals
LeBron finally speaks     
Magic not satisfied with EC title, they want more    
Magic playoff performance no act      
NBA Finals not fit for a king, but Magic-Lakers should entertain    
Eddie Jordan to bring previous assistants with him to the Sixers     
Globe    Museum to honor Jones     
James still happy with Cavs




CelticsBlog Wyc comes clean about KG's injury
LOY's Place   A few random thoughts    
Celtics 17  Is this Kobe's year or just another trip to the Finals?     
Red's/Pat's Army   The Celtics lied about KG and I'm ok with it    
List of Sports  Boston Celtics:  Next year look out      
FanHouse  Five thoughts:  NBA Finals edition     
Mike Brown won't survive Cavs fall      
Was Williams calling LeBron spoiled?     
NY Times    After the Cavs elimination, a loud silence from James     
Bleacher Report   Marbury keeps his apartment in Boston    
Ten possible free agent targets for the Boston Celtics     
Bright Side of the Sun    NBA free agency:  Atlantic Division   The Magic aren't in the Finals by a fluke    
BSO    Man up LeBron:  Shake hands, congratulate the opponent    
Times Herald    Jordan will bring Princeton offense to Sixers    
OC Register     Lakers begin practicing for Finals against Orlando    
Celtics Circuit    We all have a little KG in us    
The truth behind KG's knee injury     
Celtics Hub    Confessions of a Pau Gasol  fan        
A tip of the cap      
NESN      LeBron's sour grapes leave bad taste for NBA fans     
WEEI     Thibodeau not Kings' top candidate   
Denver Stiffs    5 questions for the offseason

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