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Good News From Wyc

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After the gentle criticism of Wyc yesterday, it's time to focus on some positive words from him:

Grousbeck also said the stated intentions of Ainge and Rivers to sign a veteran free agent or two this summer are not hollow.

The checkbook, he said, will be open for the right player, regardless of luxury tax ramifications.

"We’re planning to look for ways to improve our team," Grousbeck said. "We’re willing to invest in the right way. If it’s the right situation and the right player, then we’ll do it.

"I think we all have someone in mind right now," he said of some of the names that are about to become free agents. "We’re willing to consider all sorts of ways if it means winning Banner 18."

That is very, very good news, and if Wyc is true to his word, in a few months nobody will be in the least concerned with the team's misdirection regarding the KG injury.

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