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Red and Me Book Review

Not much happening today, so I thought I'd link to this review of Bill Russell's new book "Red and Me."

New York Times - Bill Bradley

If I could pick any player in history to start a franchise in the National Basketball Association, I would pick Bill Russell. He was the smartest player ever to play the game and the epitome of a team leader. But in order for him to fulfill his brilliant potential, he needed a coach flexible enough to learn from him and insightful enough to treat him with respect and candor. In Red Auerbach, Russell found his partner, and over 13 years they won 11 N.B.A. championships. During that time, from incidents on court and off, Russell slowly came to trust Auerbach the man as much as Auerbach the coach or general manager. "Red and Me," which he wrote with Alan Steinberg, is the story of their relationship.

While we're at it, if you missed Master PO's interview with Bill Russell a couple of years back, here's Part 1 and Part 2.

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