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Doc Laughs Off Trade Rumors

Green Street " Doc laughs off trades on ‘PTI’

PTI: I’m just thinking about two summers ago when you guys had the blockbuster move that kept talk radio and our show going for weeks. Are you and Danny (Ainge) plotting anything like that this summer? Do you see your personnel needing to be shuffled in that way?

Rivers: No I don’t, but we’ve got a huge trade we’re going to announce. I’m just joking. There’s no trade coming. (Laughs) No, no we’re good. I like who we are. I think we do have to add some length to our basketball team as well, especially with Leon Powe maybe not coming back for at least til midseason or later. We’ve got to add one more big to our team. Other than that, I love our basketball team, I love our guys, and I think we’ll be in great shape next year.

Rumors are fun to track down and debate in the offseason. We're going to hear lots more of them leading up to the draft and beyond. I would say that Danny isn't doing his job if he isn't at least making calls to all the GMs in the league. Sometimes those conversations are going to be leaked (accurate or not) and sometimes people are going to flat out make stuff up to get attention.

I don't have to tell you to take anything you hear with a grain of salt. I don't mind reminding you that the most likely outcome of this offseason is that our starters will all remain in place and our bench will somehow be upgraded (at least on paper). Of course it is hard to fill up a summer stating the obvious, so you can count on any number of rumors to be discussed at length.

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