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Daily News 6/12

Herald   Derrick Rose denies link to gang, apologizes to fans
Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy says he was beaten in prison
Derek Fisher steps up and out for Lakers when it counts
Magic’s Courtney Lee still cool and calm
Stan Van Gundy sounds off

Lakers catch big Fish
Globe A promoter of Thibodeau
3 men with local roots emerge as potential Globe buyers
Fisher hooks up Lakers with win

Celtics Blog    "Live" Blogging Game 4 of NBA Finals (2008)
Doc Laughs Off Trade Rumors
A Big Tommy Award for Tommy
LOY"s Place    A Big Tommy Award for Tommy
Red's/Pat's Army    Superchoke
Celtics Circuit    Some Basketball Books For Your Consideration
Celtics Hub   Priority #1: Finding The Truth a Capable Backup
Word of Advice: FOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NESN    Celtics can’t afford to sign Marbury – Boston Celtics
Big Three still young enough to win it all

Celtics Town    Two Celtics Make the List: Top Ten Shooting Guards of All-Time
Celtics (and other stuff)    You've Got to Be Kidding Me.
ESPN     PTI With Doc Rivers
Tommy Heinsohn to receive award named after Chuck Daly
Philstar    Alston 'shocked' about being benched in 4th, OT
USA Today    Eye-Opener: Only question left is '09 Lakers or '08 Celts?
Sporting News    Don't blame age minimum for recent college hoops scandals
Examiner    A look back at the history of Oregon players in the NBA draft
17 Banners   The closing window
NQTC    Raptors Looking To Deal Bosh To Bulls (Internet Rumor Mill Spins Again)
Hardwood Paroxysm    On Derrick Rose, Gang Signs, and Chicago
Bleacher Report    The Celtics' Trade and Draft Options
MLive     John Hollinger ranks the Detroit Pistons behind Thunder in best NBA franchises

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