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Daily Links 6/13

Herald    On brink, Magic needed
With Lakers, Fisher remains king
Globe    No waking from nightmare
Howard minus magic touch
Are you game?

Celtics Blog    Reading Rumors Closely
Dear Ainge: Fix The Mistake
Rumor: Ainge Loves Tyreke Evans
LOY's Place    Just My Opinion on the Trade Rumors
Social Sports Hub   Orlando not happy with Kobe’s superstar treatment: ‘He’s Kobe Bryant’
Chicago Tribune   Ex-NBA player arrested over fake sneakers
Celtics Circuit    These Trade Rumors Just Get Worse and Worse
Red's Army    Rumor: Tyreke Evans, Adriana Lima to Boston?
NESN     MVP? Not for Kobe
Celtics Town     NBA Mock Draft: Lottery Edition
Celtics 17    Tyreke Evans: Is He Worth Trading Up For?
Celtics Updates: Posey Back in Beantown?
LA Times   Lakers have a history full of miracles
Sports of Boston     Celtics Player Review: Gabe Pruitt
Daily News    Hardened Lakers now show their true grit
Gnome Girl    Boston Celtics: Don’t Trade Rondo, Trade Allen
Dime Mag    Game 4 blame game, and Brandon Jennings thinks Rubio is "all hype"
Asian Golfers   Who Are Good Nba Players Who Started Playing Basketball In Their Teens?
Bleacher Report     The Celtics Shouldn't Trade Rondo. They Should Trade Allen.
The All Non-All-Star NBA Team for the Playoffs
What Should the NBA Do About the One and Done Rule?
The Knicks Blog   Chad Ford Buzz: Celtics Want Tyreke Evans?
Boston Lager     Big Things A-Comin'
Boston Score    Must… Resist… Urge…
ATS Sports Blog   NBA Draft Preview: What It Means to Your Bottom Line (1 of 6)    NBA draft prospect Brandon Jennings calls Ricky Rubio overhyped
Washington Post     Down 3-1, Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy Is Still Confident
PE Hub   Pags Looking for the Hometown Trifecta?
Basketball Sky    Marbury Expressed he has Verbal Offer with Celtics
Examiner     Rumor: Cs trading for #2 pick?
Entertainment Run Down   Feel Good Story: Jasmina Gets Bone Marrow Transplant

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