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Rumor: Ainge Offered Perkins, Walker for #2 Pick

Mike Felger is reporting that Ainge offered Perkins and Bill Walker to the Grizzlies for the number 2 pick.

Celtics Stuff Live (Comcast) has the actual quote:

"We heard a rumble today, just a little rumble.  Danny’s throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall as he likes to do.  Memphis sitting there at number two.  Perk and was it JR Giddens?" (Tanguay clarifies it’s Bill Walker).

My gut reaction: I don't like it at all.  Perkins is a perfect fit for this defense and I don't know if the 2nd pick will be worth giving that up.  Even if you don't mind the pricetag, who plays center?  We'd litterally be out of big men options.  Does this mean Ainge would still want to pick Evans or would he go for Thabeet?  If so, isn't that an immediate downgrade on the roster (for no apparent reason)?

As with any rumor like this, take with a grain of salt.  Just more smoke indicating a fire somewhere in those hills.

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