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Rumors, Bill Simmons, and Quinton Ross

Some links from around the web.

Your next backup for Paul Pierce: Quinton Ross? | Celtics Hub
"On a day where Celtics nation is being fueled by speculation of trades of members of the starting five that are (hopefully) unlikely to happen, I figure it..."

Bill Simmons: Did Kobe Bryant really change for 2009 Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN
"Did Kobe Bryant really change between 2008 and 2009? Bill Simmons puts the Lakers star under his microscope."

Studying The Finals: News Desk: Online Only: The New Yorker
"This past week, I interviewed Simmons over e-mail about the N.B.A. Finals, how professional basketball has changed over the past forty years, and his post-book plans. Our edited correspondence is below."

Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant part of NBA's offseason storylines - Scott Howard-Cooper -
The champagne stings the eyes. No getting around that. And it puts a stench in clothes as the locker room turns into a joyous sweatbox of smashed bodies.

Tight economy could prevent many NBA teams from making big moves - NBA -
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) -- The last place Phil Jackson expected to end up when he returned to coach the Los Angeles Lakers was the NBA finals awards podium.

McGrady A Knick ? | My Sports Rumors
The hot topic today is the possibility of Houston Rockets guard Tracy McGrady becoming a member of the New York Knicks.

2009 NBA Mock Draft: Version 5.0 - ESPN
Here is Chad Ford's fifth stab at predicting how the draft might play out.

DraftExpress: Word on the Street, June 16th

What's next for the Magic - Ball Don't Lie - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

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