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Daily Links 6/17

Herald    Magic say they’re willing to pay the price to keep Hedo Turkoglu
NBA might return to glory days
Timberwolves’ Kevin Love tweets that McHale will not return to Wolves
Globe    Is Kobe in NBA Top 5

CelticsBlog    Smoke = Fire
So Long And Thanks For KG
LOY's Place   Rumors are Heating Up
Celtics 17      Celtics Updates: Perk Leaving?   NSTAR Walk for Children’s Hospital Boston 2009
Red's Army     Why doesn't Kobe just pay for the parade?
Rondo Wants Big Money?
Green Street     Love: McHale will not return as T’Wolves coach
Rondo trade rumors discussed
Celtics Circuit    Allow Me to Speculate On All of This Speculation
Celtics Hub     Is This What Wyc Was Talkin’ About?
Your next backup for Paul Pierce: Quinton Ross?

Does Eddie House Have a Point?

NESN   Playing with House money: Will Celtics sharpshooter opt out?
Overdraft: Celtics don’t need to trade for high pick
17 Banners    The trade to make
SportsGeeks     The Laker Hater’s Toolkit
Cavalier Attitude     With Josh Smith Available, Can He Be The Power Forward The Cavs Need?
Shaq Driving His Own Bandwagon To Cleveland?
Washington Times     KNOTT: Winning without the draft is a big deal
HoopsAddict     What Could Have Been: 2005 NBA Draft
LA Times     Red Auerbach built a dynasty; he just happened to coach it
Sporting News    Larry Brown Reminds us that draft promises generally don't make sense
Press Register     NBA needs to call foul on draft rule
ESPN      Kevin Love tweets that McHale out as Wolves coach -
Chat: Chat with Chad Ford
Bill Simmons: Did Kobe Bryant really change for 2009 Los Angeles Lakers

Detroit Free Press     Bill Laimbeer has no shot at coaching in the NBA
Joe Dumars has rebuilt a team before, and he can do it again
Bleacher Report     Top Five Questions Facing the Boston Celtics this Offseason
The Five Best Moments in Celtics Draft History
Dime Mag    NBA Draft Promises Could Cost You The Next Paul Pierce NBA Draft Promises Could Cost You The Next Paul Pierce
CSNE   On the Road with Scal and Billy Walker
Daily Commercial     Quick fixes available, but will teams spend?
FanHouse     Revisiting the 2001 NBA Draft
ProJo    Columnist who never saw Red says Phil Jackson is greater than Auerbach
Inside Bay Area    Sources: Suns will not give away Shaq to Cavs    Tight economy could prevent many NBA teams from making big moves

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