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Celtics Summer Vacation

Well, it has been over 15 hours since the last Celtics rumor emerged, so to pass the time, lets catch up with some of the Celtics during their summer vacation.

First of all, Rondo is back from China and wrote about the experience on his blog.  (sorry, no details on how much money he's asking for in contract extension talks)

I went shopping a couple of places, climbed the Great Wall, had an in store Nike appearance, and caught up with Yao for dinner one night.

Scalabrine and Bill Walker took a trip to DC with some contest winning kids.

As we cruise through D.C., passers-by have no idea that inside this over-sized bus sits two professional athletes instigating rap battles with 14-year-olds and imitating puppets, but neither the kids nor the players could be having more fun.

Danny Ainge took the staff to lunch

Boston Celtics cheese Danny Ainge treating the front office to lunch at the Biltmore Bar & Grille in Newton Upper Falls talk about the blockbuster deal they are about to announce???  (no, probably not)

Don't forget that Perkins is getting married on July 25 and Rondo will be in the wedding.  (Will they both still be Celtics at that point?)

Also, a Houston radio show caught up with Ray Allen for an interview.  (sorry, no trade rumor talk)

So in summary, life goes on after basketball is done and shockingly enough it doesn't always invovle trade rumors.

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