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Big Al to Phoenix?

Big Al for Amare?
Big Al for Amare?

Big Al will always be a Celtic to me, so I hope that if this happens, it works out for him. Marc Spears reports:

An NBA executive told the Boston Globe today that the Minnesota Timberwolves is working a deal with the Phoenix Suns that would send former Celtics forward Al Jefferson and their sixth pick in next week's NBA Draft for All-Star Amare Stoudemire.

The Suns, which have dangled Stoudemire for some time, fiound [sic] a suitor in Minnesota that is in transition. The team announced today that coach Kevin McHale has ended his 15-year association with the team. New basketball of operations David Kahn is looking to take the franchise into another direction.

I can't imagine why Minnesota would do this, unless they're intent on making a "splash". Amare' is a dynamic player, but Big Al is a classic post player and a better rebounder than Stoudemire. Hopefully at some point in his career, we can see Big Al back in green. That's a trade rumor with Phoenix I wouldn't mind seeing.

Update: The guy that originally floated the Rondo to the Suns rumors is calling this rumor a "a total BS made up rumor with no legs." (h/t Red's Army)

Call me crazy, but I think I trust Marc Spears more than this guy.

- update by Jeff

Update #2: Marc Spears is now reporting that the above trade won't happen. Phoenix made the offer to Minnesota, but Minnesota has rejected it.