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Daily Links 6/18

Herald   Danny Ainge deals with Rumors
Kevin McHale disappointed as Timberwolves say it’s over
’Wolves can Kevin McHale
Globe    Jefferson on move again?
McHale ousted as Timberwolves coach

CelticsBlog    Celtics Summer Vacation
Big Al to Phoenix?
Team Source: "Rondo’s not going to be traded"
LOY's Place   The Rumor Mill and Random Thoughts 6/18
Celtics 17    No Picks? No Problem: How the C's Can Work Magic This NBA Draft
New England Sports 24/7    Official NES 24/7 NBA Lottery Mock Draft
Red's Army    Best proof yet that Kobe is all about Kobe
Team Source: Rondo Won't Be Traded
Celtics Hub   Cleaning The In-Box, One Year Later
NESN     Kevin McHale: A Celtics legend on and off the court
Why we’ll see a Lakers-Celtics Finals rematch in 2010
Loscy     The default choice?
17 Banners    Who is 'Danny's guy'?
Metro      It’s a shame to trade Ray
Lakers Nation   KG Guarantees Titles in 2010, 2011, Pierce talks crap about Lakers
Commercial Appeal     Grizzlies face more questions than answers as Draft nears
LA Times    Foul play: the charade in college basketball
Sculu     Great Players Need Other Great Players to Win Championships
Upon Further Review   Jackson versus Auerbach    Wolves looking for a Kevin McHale-type coach
Kevin McHale leaves legacy of flops
Al Jefferson 'shocked, disappointed, hurt' over Wolves ousting McHale
Star Tribune    McHale timeline with the Wolves
Yardbarker    Ray Allen's Houston radio interview
Sports of Boston    Celtics Player Review: Brian Scalabrine
Examiner    Player Profile: Eddie House
Hardwood Paroxysm  Offseason Predictions (Twitter Style)
North Station Sports      Rajon Rondo Out of Boston? His Bad Attitude Has Prompted the Celtics to Shop him
MLive     Report: Detroit Pistons promised $11 million to Ben Gordon
Bleacher Report     Keeping LeBron James Happy: How Can the Cavaliers Improve for 2009-10?
The 2010 NBA Free-Agent Signing: The Ultimate Offseason Of All Hype's
Boston Celtics: Funny The Difference a Year Makes
Sparrows Online   NBA free agency for Dummies    Kevin McHale ousted from Timberwolves after 15 years with team
Austin Daye, Derrick Brown are potential sleepers in NBA draft
Star Tribune     McHale 'disappointed' he won't be back
ESPN     The biggest winners of the '09 playoffs
Sporting News    Summer preview: Uncertain market ahead

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