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A Few Assorted League Rumors has an updated Draft Buzz article.  Here are a few that might be of interest to C's fans.

The Portland Trailblazers would like to dump Travis Outlaw ($4 million next year) and their pick and clear some additional space to make a run at Hedo Turkoglu.

The Celtics are over the cap, so they can't help Portland dump salary this season.  However, Ainge has long been rumored to be a fan of Outlaw and there's always a 3 team deal option.

Expect a flurry of action on draft night, which has become the norm in recent years, and a number of first and second rounders to be sold and traded.

Teams with multiple picks such as Sacramento (23), Oklahoma City (25) and Chicago (26) are all looking to sell their picks according to sources. While three other teams would like to buy picks late in the first round: San Antonio, Detroit and Houston.

Ainge has been a buyer before and if he sees someone he likes, I'm sure he'll make a move (he has open roster spots to play with).  This draft is about as up in the air as any I've seen.  That might make teams more willing to give up picks for cheap (to save money).

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